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Minsh Newsletter 10

Dear all,

Trust you are well. On our end, we’ve been busy! Here is a summary of the features we’ve developed over the past few months. Let me know if you have any questions!

Minsh Newsletter 9

Dear all,
We’re rolling out a few interesting new features you’ll want to know about. Read on!

How To Create An Apple Developer Account

We’re showing here every single step to create an Apple developer account. Just follow our instructions carefully and take into account a waiting time of about 1 to 3 weeks to get this all done. You’ll be fine!

How to create an Apple Developer Account

Delivering faster video upload and streaming

Sharing a video from your iOS or Android device and allowing your audience to quickly stream without having to download it is a good user experience. In this article we show how we achieve this on Minsh apps. Please leave us some feedback in the comments, we really appreciate it.

GDPR At Long Last

As you must know by now, GDPR came into effect on 25th May 2018. It stands for General Data Protection Regulation and is the European Union’s new legislation regarding EU citizens’ Personal Data in the jurisdiction of the EU.

Minsh Newsletter 8

Christmas presents from Minsh 🎁

Dear all,

Have you ever wished your Minsh app would support chatbots and send welcoming messages to your new users? Read on!

Minsh awarded by Financesonline

Minsh double awards

August 1st 2017 certainly was a good day for Minsh! First of all, it was the Swiss National Day, so a bit of a special moment for us and a great excuse to get together around a good cheese fondue.

But more than just this, August 1st was the day Minsh received not one but two awards from FinancesOnline!

Minsh Newsletter 7

Groups on Minsh Apps have just become awesome 😎

Dear all,

I have some good news: a new release of your app with amazing benefits for you and your users is happening as we speak.

The ultimate checklist to build an online community

The ultimate checklist to build an online community

There’s no doubt communities are an invaluable asset for businesses, but growing them and engaging them in a meaningful way is not an easy task. This article provides a thorough checklist covering all significant elements one needs to address to successfully build a community. We review topics relative to community benefits, goals, growth, management, empowerment and the strategic thinking behind all solid communities. If you are a social media marketer, a community manager, a brand manager or simply an individual interested in building a community, keep reading.