Meet the Founders

Barbara Maim
Co-founder, CEO
Originally from Lausanne, Switzerland, Barbara has a PhD in Computer Graphics. In 2008, she co-founded her startup Minsh. Her goal: empowering communities of like-minded people. In June 2011, she moved from Lausanne to Bangalore with her husband and co-founder, Jon, to leverage the emerging silicon valley of India. Barbara is passionate about 3 things: the rise of communities all around the world, entrepreneurship, and pizza!
Jonathan Maim
Co-founder, CTO
Jon obtained his PhD in Computer Graphics at EPFL, Switzerland in 2009. At about the same time, he co-founded his startup Minsh to help people get closer to each other. Jon moved to Bangalore in 2011 along with his wife, and never looked back. Jon loves high-tech startups, HackerNews, JavaScript, and indian food.